Toby Hadoke Talks About Fitness And The Future

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Toby Hadoke

It's amazing what you can find in your ear.

Toby Hadoke is one of the great geek success stories. Once a struggling comedian (well, I think he did alright, but a riches to richer story doesn’t play as well), it wasn’t until Toby harnessed his inner geek with his one man show ‘Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf that he found (slightly more) fame.

A mash up of Classic Doctor Who trivia and teenage diary entries, Hadoke has been slagging his brilliant creation up and down the country for the last few years. But does all that standing-up keep you fit? Does he run circuits while on The Circuit? Is he bigger on the inside? My Big Fat Geek Running demanded answers. And by gosh we got ‘em.

Toby Hadoke interview

Toby Hadoke

He's like the Bill Hicks you can bring home to mum.

What are you up to at the moment?

Answering a fluffy questionnaire when I should be writing an Edinburgh show. Not that I’m attacking you – I’d be finding something else to distract me if I didn’t have this. Favourites are watching old Doctor Who episodes and pretending that I’m “doing research”, reading Peter Hitchens columns online and resisting the temptation to smash my laptop to bits, and making lists like “My Top Ten Goblets In Classic Who”.

Do you have a fitness regime?

My bag is quite heavy and I lift it up sometimes. Occasionally I’ll run to the front door if the bell rings and I’m expecting a delivery from Play.

What’s your diet like?

Ah now, I recently acquired a wife who does things like jogging and eating healthily, and is as a consequence rather lovely. She loves me dearly I’m sure, but my expansive belly (middle aged spread before you’re middle aged is never a good sign) had to go. She subtly introduced me to Weight Watchers – by subtly signing me up, subtly shoving all the literature in front of me, and subtly refusing to kiss me until I started in earnest.

I’ve always eaten well. I’m not fussy or picky, but perhaps have too much of a taste for things that if consumed in vast quantities, can kill you. Cutting down on stuff like cheese and peanuts has not been easy, but if you don’t have something very often, you appreciate more when you do (insert sex joke here).

Toby Hadoke 2

He doesn't really look like this. Definitely a Photoshop job.

Did you ever have a traumatic PE experience at school?

Yes, usually from the very beginning till just after the end. I was pretty much bottom pick for everything. When we did cross country runs my plimsolls (everyone else had trainers Mum!) would fray and shatter and I’d lollop home with soggy feet and a dejected heart.

Obligatory Doctor Who nerd question: How did the Brigadier manage to retire from UNIT before he started working for them?

He was working under cover in 1977 as there was a spate of intriguing grown-up schoolboys being admitted to posh educational establishments my a mysterious solicitor. After his encounter with himself, he lost his memory and forgot about his mission. UNIT didn’t notice because there was an extremely long rugby match on the telly which distracted everyone.

By the time they noticed, the older Brigadier had met his younger self, got his memory back, and thanks to Turlough, had solved the overgrown schoolboy mystery. So, armed with a new chopper, he went back to Doris in Brighton and took her up the arcade.

Thanks Toby! You can find Toby’s official site here. You can also see him perform ‘Moths’ live at the venues below. Don’t buy him a drink though, he’s a proper mess after 10 pints.

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf Tour Dates

Friday 12th March
Barnsley Civic
01226 327 000

Thursday 29th April
Stockton Arc
01642 525199
Box Office Enquiries

Friday 30th April
Rosehill Theatre, Cumbria
01946 692 422

Saturday 1st May
Newport, South Wales

Monday 24th May
Pitlochry Festival Theatre
01796 472 680

Friday 25th June
Ustinov, Bath
01225 448 844

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